Zeiss Mel 80 Eximer Laser
Refractive Surgery or procedures such as LASIK, PRK, EPI-LASIK and LASEK are procedures in which outcomes depend highly on the quality precision technology used as much as clinical expertise. Because of this we chose the MEL 80 Excimer laser from Carl Zeiss.

With an effort to not go too much into technical detail here is what separates the Mel 80 from the rest.

Eye Tracking – The purpose of the eye tracker is to make sure that the laser is delivered to the exact spot on the cornea during treatment. That simply means it tracks movements of your eye 250 frames a second. In the event the patient does look away the Mel 80 will automatically stop and once the patient is repositioned the procedure can continue.

Cone for Controlled Atmosphere – This feature of the Mel 80 controls the atmosphere between the laser and the eye. Ensuring a secure beam path for safer laser delivery making treatment less affected by extraneous environmental factors.

Small Spot Size – The point at which the laser touches your eye is referred to as the “laser spot”. The Mel 80 spot size is .7mm, much smaller than older variable spot lasers, broad beam lasers and older flying spot lasers around. This small spot size ensures high precision delivery of the laser which means only material that needs to be removed is removed.

Speed – While refractive treatment itself is not a painful procedure speed is important since evidence has shown that aside from making the patients experience more comfortable, faster treatment translates faster recovery.

Wavefront Guided treatment – Because every individual’s eye is unique it is important in some cases to custom fit the treatment for eyes with significant “Higher Order Aberrations”. Higher Order Aberrations are visual errors that go beyond the usual Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and Astigmatism.

Imagine living life without the burdens of contact lenses or glasses.

Millions of people around the world have chosen to make that vision a reality with the aid of laser eye surgery.
With the Carl Zeiss Meditec MEL 80 Excimer Laser, refractive laser eye surgery is now safer and more precise than ever. It offers quick treatments ensuring fast recovery for those suffering from visual defects such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.

LASIK (Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis)
LASIK was introduced in the mid-1990s and has since been perfected with millions of people successfully treated. The procedure involves a high-precision laser beam that sculpts the cornea, correcting its curvature so that images are sharply focused on the retina.

It takes only a few seconds for the LASIK laser to precisely remove tissue from the cornea – for near-sightedness from the center, for far-sightedness in a ring pattern around the center of the cornea. During treatment, an infrared camera records any involuntary eye movements. The “eye-tracker” ensures that the laser beam is always aimed at the right spot.

Am I Suitable?
You must:

Be 21 years of age or older.

Have healthy eyes free from retinal problems, corneal scars, and any eye disease.

Have nearsightedness within the range of treatment. The range is up to -7.0 D of sphere with up to -3.0 of astigmatism.

Have proof your vision has not changed more than one half diopters for at least one year before your pre-surgery exam.

Be fully informed about the risks and benefits of LASIK as compared to other treatments for nearsightedness.
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